The test room

Updated on 6/4/2023

After the installation of the NuCorder software, you just need to test that everything works well.

In the top menu, click on “Rehearsals”:

On this page, you’ll find a list of available rehearsal sessions. This is also the place to create your own sessions.

To start the test room and check your gear, click on the “Test room” tile:

Warning: if you didn’t launch the software beforehand, you’ll see the following message:

If you see such message, click on the “Audio” menu as asked, then “Start”.

Inside the test room

After launching the software and waiting a few seconds, you should see the following screen:

You can now test your gear as if you were in an usual room. Play with the settings, audio effects and check everything works as expected.

When you’re about to finish, click on the “Quit” button to leave the room and go back to the home hall.

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