ROAH: from Sweden to France

ROAH: from Sweden to France

We are ROAH, a rock band based in Paris and we have started to use NuCorder during COVID-19 pandemia.

At the time we were preparing new songs and we had to find a way to keep playing together. We decided to use NuCorder, that looked us the more reliable and stable mean for playing remotely. Finally, NuCorder became one ultimate way of playing to us. Firstly, it saves time and money for rehearsal, secondly, it allowed the band to keep the same linup despite house moves (Sweden for one guitarist, and Britan for our drummer).

Even from Sweden, the system works well with the same latency as when were all in Paris. Thanks to NuCoder we have recorded our songs as planned, as any other band. First title release by May, 3th 2023!

with the kind authorization of ROAH, translation from original french version by UglyCat, July 26th 2023.

USKUL: playing my own drum

USKUL: playing my own drum

After twenty years rehearsaling in rented music studios, the COVID pandemic stopped us, because of the lockdown, but also restricted traffic. During those days, we were biding out time. By Beb 2021, we started experimenting remote rehearsal solutions from our homes (we are a 'power trio' band). After all, most of us were professional software programmers connected with optic fiber, nothing seemed to be impossible. And yet…

Trial #1: Whatsapp => what a strange idea!

Trial #2: Microsoft Teams => not better.

Trial #3: Jamkazam, founded in 2014 at Austin (Texas) looked as an old timer, but clearly with some users. However Austin is far from France: 150 ms network delay at least… Seems to be good, user interface is friendly, however 150ms induce some entropy into rhythm!

Mars, Eureka: 'We can try NuCorder, based in Paris (probably better delay) but still in Beta-Test (and free): https://www.nucorder.fr, nothing to loose with a trial. And finally, to trying out led us to adopt it!

Two years later, 3 hours every two weeks, the result is very profitable. No more rehearsal from 10.00 PM to 12.00 PM with one hour of car driving, less fuel (regarding fuel price those days, this is paying subscription). Playing my own drum instead of those in the studios is very good for me. And regarding our professional and parental schedules, be able to meet any time, how fun!

The service has some early stage flaws, however quality increases everyday. After two years of free service, paying each month one movie seat to play without restriction, there were no question about it! Now COVID is behind us and we started rehearsing again in a physical studio, but for sure we won't stop playing remotely with Nucorder.

Uskul: Orso (Guitar, Singer) : FocusRite 4i4 + Ableton Live, Gaël (Bass, Chorus): PreSonus Audiobox, Sven (drums, Chorus): FocusRite 18i20 ; 1 mic for bass drum, 1 mic for singing and ambiance, Yamaha EAD-10 and wireless mic.

with the kind authorization of Sven from USKUL, translation from original french version by UglyCat, March 25th 2023.

COLOSSUS OF DESTINY: we had our solution!

COLOSSUS OF DESTINY: we had our solution!

When our drummer Étienne told to us “I'm moving to Brittany”, we get stuck and then asked ourselves: “what about the band?”. You don't comme across drummers like Étienne every day, and neither Étienne found many bands like ours. We love to play, we want to play, we didn't see why we should stop just for crêpes (kina Brittany pancakes). There were not many options and we tried rehearsal near to Nantes, in a soundproof box next to the road. Huge respect to groups from Nantes, but we couldn't go there by train every week.

NuCorder came in those days, we tried it, a bit unsure. With our desktops and soundcards we have seen each others on webcams. Of course we laughed and then “do you hear me ? Sure Julien you're playin Señorita from Camilla Cabello, and you can you hear me?” I started track #4 intro riff and everybody came in, not a single word. When we missed the verse transition (as always), we stopped and stared through the Internet. We had found our solution!

Since then, the distance is not a problem anymore. We have written 10 songs this way, and we do some mixing sessions too. We saved some money from studio rehearsals and made significant investments, not far from Metallica. Julien uses kina Axe FX, Etienne has mics for his drums and a EAD10, finally I'm the one still pluging headphone output of his amp to a Focusrite. The only thing that could happen to our band would be if we couldn't stand each other one day !

with the kind authorization of Noé from COLOSSUS OF DESTINY, translation from original french by UglyCat, January 29th 2023.



When two members of our band were moving to Brive, we had to pause Eibon, our Paris-located band. However, NuCorder allowed us to break distance, so we kept composing and jam like the good old time with Jérôme on drums in Brive, and me on the guitar in Paris.

Our setting is somewhat simple: Jérôme has one mic for the kick and one other overhead, all plugged to a sound card. I plug my guitar to an amp simulator AxeFX3. NuCorder detects theses hardware and the rendering is very comfy!

Chef's kiss, the “record” option integrated in the platform allows us to export demos with good sound. Thanks NuCorder!

with the kind authorization of Guillaume from EIBON, September 10th 2022.