About Us

NuCorder is an idea from music enthusiasts, who want musicians to be able to play music even if they are miles away from each other.

In 2007, Francis Caste and Jean-Noël Helal play guitar in a Rock band. They often talk about broadcasting music from a control room to people, maybe at the other side of the Earth. Francis is the owner of a recording and rehearsing studio, the Studio Sainte Marthe in Paris, and Jean-Noël is an associate engineer in a telecommunication company, specialized in broadcasting television using satellites. Back then, the Internet was not fast enough to allow such a thing, but Francis and Jean-Noël bet on a long-term project. Jean-Noël was convinced it could be possible in a near future, using fiber-optic networks.

Starting from 2012, seeing the fiber-optic expansion in France and Europe, they laid the foundations of a solution for musicians. The aim: allow them to play music remotely, as if they were in the same room. Francis meet a lot of musicians in his job, so he knows their needs well for this kind of project. He also drives a community of musicians, eager to experiment and improve the service.

At the end of 2016, following the development of a prototype, they met Stanislas Michalak, a young engineer in computer science. Also passionate about music, he brought his knowledge of Web development along. Together, they made the NuCorder concept a reality: a product from musicians, to play music as a band in real time through the Internet, with the associated services.

In march 2020, at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, they decided to open the project to everyone as a free beta version; then in 2022, seeing an ever-growing community, Stanislas, Francis et Jean-Noël founded the Ugly Cat company to release NuCorder as a commercial solution.

Francis, Stanislas and Jean-Noël